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gaeta_002I haven’t had much reason to visit the mainland continent of Gaeta and recently I decided to do some exploring. Above is the view from the Wandaland Gaeta Pod station.

Leaving the station, taking a left on the Sandy Beach Trail in Nebulung, it’s a short walk or a ride on the G1 North- to the end of the worlds, shown below. gaeta_001Instead you can either walk left from the station or ride the G2 South pod to Lastness Marina and the Gaeta Seas.  gaeta_003I kept my draw distance really low for these photos and am not sure what sort of things are off the trail a little ways. I don’t recall seeing any buildings close to the trail that are open to the public. There are benches you can rest on and a cute postal box you can hide in. When you leave it, mail scatters around the immediate area.

The Demented Station, which is beyond the subject of this post, has two pod routes, the G5 – inner ring and G6 – outer ring.gaeta_008The Lastness Marina is open to the public for the rezzing of boats. There’s a sailboat giver, shown in the above photo and the trail pod changes to a boat to continue the tour.gaeta_007The pod boat is shown in the right of the above photo. After a short ride it changes back to a pod and goes back on land, on an unpaved road. Again, there are private homes close to the road and a few stores. In Vardimorg, ” the edge of the known SL world”,  the pod retraces it’s route all the way back to the Wandaland Station. gaeta_005Inside the marina, you can get an apple and sit by the fire. Climbing further up, there’s one room with more comfortable seating and a vase of fresh flowers.gaeta_010Looking at the map on this route, I saw relatively little land for sale compared to Sansara and Heterocera. I did teleport in to wander around and came across the usual abandoned land and ban lines. Almost all the beach land seems to be in use.