dp 7There’s been precious little time to visit the popular showcase sims lately, what with all my RL and SL projects plus unexpected events. Devil’s Point is one destination I’ve returned to repeatedly during the last month or so when I’ve wanted inspiration, a sense of place and ambiance created by someone else and also simple respite. Devil’s Point has finally made the Destination Guide and there are familiar views showing up in more photos, in a good way.

“Feel free to rez poses & props for your photographs. Autoreturn occurs each 30 minutes.”dp 11

From the land description: “Created by *|ELLISSON|* – Embracing the nature, beauty, and culture of the old British Isles. A place to explore, unwind, relax, and take pictures.”

I like showing up at a the station, with a train nearby and the sense of a story and adventure about to unfold.dp 6I don’t mind seeing many of the popular elements of current sim designs. I find them assembled very well here. Many of the areas seem established, yet dynamic, and cozy with the air of a mysterious past just under the surface. It has one of the most charming virtual cemeteries I’ve seen lately.dp 14I’ve explored inside all the buildings, both on foot and by flying to the higher places when I wanted to go back for a another look. I do experience lag but it’s a rare time when I don’t anymore. I even like the radio station that’s been streaming.dp 8It’s a lovely place to hang out even if you’re not into photography. I’ve enjoyed it so much I’ve uploaded my favorite photos onto prims, displaying them in my gallery for this month.dp 13I find many places here to stop and gaze at the view. The few photos shown here only touch upon some of the variety of scenes that somehow work together.dp 10

Devil’s Point is sim I can imagine myself returning to again and again; I hope it stays around for a fair amount of time.