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Bodega Harbor_004The buildings and gardens of Bodega Harbor, just off Noyo Road in Bodega, could be easily missed because they’re so high up on steep ridges. Instead of being someone’s private paradise, the public is welcome. I learned this while looking at an interesting roadside place next to the harbor. Bodega Harbor_001Indeed there are several interesting neighboring places to explore, most in the older mainland style, except for the aviation place across the road.Bodega Harbor_002I like the feeling of being high up, the painted walls and the collections scattered about. There’s lots of climbing, on stairs and sheer terrain; fortunately flying is allowed.Bodega Harbor_006From the land description: “Old Nautilan outpost and crystal lighthouse” It also gives windlight settings which aren’t reflected in these photos.Bodega Harbor_008Bodega Harbor is owned by a private group, Kahruvel Restoration and Research: “Dedicated to restoring the Kahruvel lands and researching the Great Erase and history of Urtahrah. All archeologists, botanists, zoologists, geologists, linguists, historians and other interested persons are welcome!”Bodega Harbor_014Two large crystal clusters flank the entrance to the harbor.Bodega Harbor_011I flew to the top of the crystal lighthouse instead of climbing the stairs. Bodega Harbor_013Bodega Harbor is on the continent of Sansara.