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St John's_006On occasion I’ll make time to go clubbing and two of the most memorable times of late have been in St John. Kitty’s Love Shack in Bayou St John has wonderful ambiance and amazing detail. The music stream is awesome. I’m listening to blues and swing as I type this.  Kitty_004The best viewing is on night setting as shown in the picture above. I find Kitty to be delightful in his unique way. He agreed to wipe down the bar for a photo. St John's_009The place is open 24/7: you seat yourself. Again, the details are amazing.  The group for Kitty’s is called The Dapper Cat which is also the name of his gacha resale shop, always worth checking out. I enjoy wearing “Cat Lady” over my head when I’m running about.St John's_008Above is a view from the back of Kitty’s. St John is a fictional 1916 era New Orleans sim.Zoe_004It’s a great place to hang out alone, with a friend or to party. St John's_001More recently opened in Uptown St John is The Factory.  “Public club on era sim circa 1915 reminiscent of New Orleans featuring Vintage Jazz, Electroswing, Steampunk, Swing music and more. Events, dancing and lounge; also open 24/7 for your personal enjoyment”. St John's_002The steampunk elevator will take you to the upper floor where there’s another bar and seating with views of the water and city. Imon, the owner and Dj has an enjoyable place to hang out here.the factory_008Some people enjoy dressing of the era.