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Silas Merlin_001An exhibition of the pastels of Silas Merlin is running April 8th–30th at the Ville de Coeur Harbor Cellars. 

The Harbor Cellars, in Citadel Gardens, Aquitane Coeur Nord is a lovely space for these works to be displayed. You can hear birdsong and the sounds of the sea. Eriko Leo has wonderfully set up the area to showcase the art.Silas Merlin_002Both portrait and landscape pastels are included in this exhibit, curated in pairs by the artist and available for purchase individually. Sculpture is on display as well.Silas Merlin_004Silas now has another gallery in Aquitaine Coeur Nord, in a charming area at Rue du Phare with other galleries and boutiques nearby.

I especially recommend having a look at the “Feral” and “Marche a Otavalo” pastels.

Silas at MBK's Gallerie

Silas at MBK’s Gallerie

Silas also has sculpture and pastels at MBK’s Gallerie which can be viewed and purchased through the end of April. Silas Merlin_009There’s an interesting display of the process Silas uses in creating sculpture.

In a nearby alcove is a virtual copy of a rl pastel, “Partage”, a virtual 3D sculpture of it and a photo of the rl 3D printed version, described as “strong and flexible”. Silas Merlin_005With all these exhibits, I’d felt the need to make sure The Silas Gallery in New Babbage still exists and it does.

I wrote about The Silas Gallery here a couple of months ago. (The SLurl in that post has been corrected to have you arrive in front of the gallery instead of in the studio above.)

Opening on April 16th at 4:00 p.m. SLT, in the beautiful Holly Kai art garden, is an exhibit of Silas Merlin pastels and two versions of the sculpture, “Mock Fight”.

Here, I especially like the pastels of the figures in the seascapes and the poem that begins: “Where is this place……” by Poetry Eala Du.