Nusquam_003Recently I took my camera to Nusquam, choosing a time I thought would be less crowded.

I’ve been aware of it as a popular destination out on the periphery of a group of new places I haven’t had time to explore. It seemed familiar, reminding me of where I grew up and many places I’ve been, except for the lighthouse and boats. Nusquam_001I’m an intrepid explorer for sure and much of the criteria for places I choose to share has to do with the feels. I come across many places, people, themes and ideas I don’t resonate with at all. Don’t we all read and hear too much naysaying, criticism, strong opinions and snarky attacks though?

When it comes time to blog, I consider my energy level at the time, my current needs and whether my virtual experience seems to have a pulse, whether there’s a good vibe coming back or not. Sometimes it’s about calling attention to something deserving to be documented or something fleeting that others might like to experience. Sometimes I just want to take a few snaps, tuning out the expectations of others.Nusquam_005Nusquam has a nostalgic feel for me. The reality is that I fled these sort of places, the humidity, snakes, plant pollens, extreme weather conditions, and plethora of insects to be closer to book stores, museums and galleries, ethnic food and theaters. Nusquam_006There was a time when things were cluttered in a more organic way; if something was moved, someone would notice. Objects were made use of, there was less mindless hoarding, fewer plastic disposable items. Nusquam_007I wonder how our nervous systems would handle being thrust into an environment like this now. Many of us crave vacations and then don’t know what to do with ourselves when we get potentially unscheduled time.

Some of us keep tuning into the relentless, bombarding information from others and then notice we’re still feeling invisible and unheard.

As life continues to ramp up there are choices to be made, noticing whether or not there’s a response, a healthy vibrancy, an awareness, an interaction, something worthy of continued attention.  Nusquam_008Nusquam fits my mood of late.

Of course this destination would have a different effect on others. Diversity is healthy and crucial to the survival of life on this planet. Not all of us want to be in this constantly broadcasting, rarely listening, hive mind circus.