Burn 2 Regional_016This weekend Picnic on the Playa happens. There will be art installations, performances and places to hang out. “A festival of fire, art and community… in Second Life”Burn 2 Regional_006There will be gifts near the landing and info on how to block sounds and to remove avatars and objects from view. This piece of art must have been carried off by ants; I can no longer locate it.Burn 2 Regional_020Ilyra Chardin’s painting camper.

You can ride bikes around and play games. Float with sheep. Play basketball too. Burn 2 Regional_007Created by Solkide Auer.  This piece changes color and is quite lovely.

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago and saved in my media file here at WordPress. More has been added to Picnic on the Playa since then.

Also the laptop I’ve used mostly for the last four years totally died earlier this week and I’d lapsed in backing things up. How do I feel about that? Relief, except for some regret about inconveniencing Laserkater; I’m making vimeo slideshows of the collection of historical avatars he’s made. I didn’t need to go back and take these photos though, which helps. Burn 2 Regional_001Dive into a glass of wine and float at Camp Water Cracker by RMarie Beedit.Burn 2 Regional_015John (johannes 1977) Breakfast Will Be Served All Day.

The ant and cherry installation is the background is by Eles Brianna. There are, of course, lots of ants. And an ant-bear.Burn 2 Regional_019More detail has been added to this meditation area by Saul GOODIE since these photos were taken.Burn 2 Regional_009Merfolk can picnic too.  Queen Eli’s plot.

This happens to be the weekend I’ll be staying up all night to watch the live stream of the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival Competition, for three nights in a row.

I intend to stop by for at least half an hour to see avatars here. It looks like it’s going to be a great time.