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Garden Oasis_001In Sansara, there’s a rez zone in Amida, near the road and water, called Garden Oasis. According to a sign, it was established in 2010.Garden Oasis_002The indoor seating area has a bar. Garden Oasis_003You can get a flying chair from the dispenser or use the outdoor seating.Garden Oasis_004 There are boat demos to try or you can rez your own vehicles.Garden Oasis_005In the center of the photo above, I’m flying around in the chair.Garden Oasis_006Nearby is Cinque’s TavernGarden Oasis_007 There’s another rez zone up the road in Gualala, CC Sansara – Casamento Carino. It’s an old police station and jail. Garden Oasis_008The cells in back are unlocked; hobos could sleep there and stay out of the rain.  Garden Oasis_009For years, there had been a wooden slatted bridge. During the last couple of months a new bridge that can be raised and lowered has been constructed.

Pods travel in both directions here.