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temporia prime_023

The futuristic city of Temporia Prime, Fantasyland  is a residential and roleplay sim. The roleplay is optional with the use of HUDS and Titlers. It’s also a destination for visitors; both photographers and machinimists are welcome.

“Far into the future, after the overpopulation of Earth, humans set out to explore and colonise the galaxy.  A distant, beautiful planet called Temporia Prime was inhabited by a colony from Earth. To maintain the exotic landscape, a large city was built above the surface. Now a few years on the colony lives in peace with the land and maintains a thriving community.”temporia prime_008

Don’t tell anyone but I located the rumored base of the Renegades hidden somewhere in Sector 2. temporia prime_011

The Shiva craft can be piloted when wearing a group (free to join) tag. They are now 10 minute demos (for clean-up purposes) which is plenty of time to travel to the other sectors. I crashed a few in the early days; my piloting has improved but parking is still a challenge. They are available for purchase.temporia prime_012

The Shiva craft and parking are near the front of this building, by Beth Delaunay, which is on the top level near the entry. The building has a landing pad on top and houses cargo storage containers, an industrial ore refinery, plasma fusion reactor and also a sort of command office accessed by elevator. temporia prime_022

There’s a variety of residential rentals; the tribal huts on the ground level are for a roleplay indigenous community.   temporia prime_002

The sim entrance has teleporters to various locations, roleplay and rental information and convenient shopping for whatever one might need.

Temporia Prime will have a booth at the upcoming Sci Fi Alliance Convention, March 18–27 supporting Relay for Life of Second Life.  I will edit to include a SLurl here when it’s open. Edit: Temporia Prime booth at SL Sci Fi Conventiontemporia prime_081

Sometimes the Android receptionist bot, Saskia Pearl, is on duty. temporia prime_077

I’ve found at least two hangars in which I manage to enter with a craft. One leads to several areas you can beam to for various activities. My favorite is the Cyborg Cube, even though I get shot at while being a mere civilian armed only with a camera. The other leads to a city center with a hospital, theater with working screen, the Radium Bar and the Temporia Peace Corps among other things.temporia prime_085

An office in the Temporia Peace Corps building.

I no longer have time or energy for roleplay and I’ve called this my home base since a few days after it opened in December. temporia prime_013

What drew me in was living high up in one of the towers. it felt so spacious and light in the dark days of winter and is surprisingly comfortable being so open, with the occasional craft flying by.

The architecture is by Konkel Deir. From his profile: “I am majoring in contemporary modern architecture/city development. Usually takes 2weeks to 2months depending on its scale and the custom service.”temporia prime_073

I use the studio as an office and it’s where I really became aware that I needed to have my own small gallery, which I’ve set up elsewhere. The other photos here were taken in the sim regional light setting except the one above. I use sunset moslty; the art looks better and it’s way more flattering for a human girl’s complexion.

Almost all the other residents have futuristic decor; I’ve felt comfortable with my choice as well as wearing whatever I happen to have on. Most people are sleeping in other parts of the world while I’m here.temporia prime_075

I like the satisfying sounds of the teleporters and doors opening and closing. temporia prime_026

Temporia Prime is currently rated Moderate.