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Bauhaus 9The grant for LEA 2 Artist in Residence is for the Lighthouse Board founded by R J Kikuchiyo, for an open studio retrospective of works from 2006–2016. This post is about the Bauhaus Museum which is on site at LEA 2 from March through April 2016.3_5_009 bThe museum showcases 2D and 3D works from the historical Bauhaus school. There’s a wonderful museum feel to the place. Avatars are allowed to sit on the furniture. 3_5_011 b1920’s Berlin residents Steadman Kondor, Gustav von Rosenheim and Effy Fenwitch created the museum. There’s more to come here; I recommend visiting now because there’s much to see, then returning later to see the additions.3_5_006 bThe building is based on the Bauhaus archives, “Bauhaus Arkiv”, in Berlin. The building is 1960’s architecture which makes it out of era for virtual 1920’s Berlin. It deserves a permanent home somewhere in Second Life.Bauhaus 6This blog post is richer and my visit way more fun for having gone with a knowledgeable tour group on my first visit. My interest in the work of Kandinsky and Klee was rekindled; I enjoyed the paintings inworld and looking at more online.Bauhaus 14Photography was new during this era. The school experimented with it as an art form. In an alcove to the right, just before the photography area in the museum, are 3D interpretations by the museum creators of some of the paintings.3_5_016 bVisitors can enjoy the paintings and decor or, if they wish, delve deeper into information about the Bauhaus movement.Bauhaus 16A friend and I both remarked on how well suited the designs and crafts are to virtual reality. Much of it seems very Second Life.

I was inspired to play with my own interpretations of the feel of the era which has been an enjoyable experience.