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Ursa Major_002

Ursa Major is one of the galleries of real life art that I think is done well in Second Life. It’s in a mainland area, Lollygaggers, that has other activity. The doors are open and the ambiance is perfect for the spray paintings.

“All of the real life paintings you see here were created using post-consumer waste spray paint, construction and cabinet making wood discards, and various mechanical parts, toys, game parts and other items for the “layered silhouette” shapes.”Ursa Major_001

“Raised by WWll vintage parents, Novia Halostar (a.k.a. Diane Marie in RL) was ingrained at an early age with an irresistible urge to save things that might be useful later. Her ever-growing collection of flotsam and jetsam began showing up in her art long before art made from scrap materials was fashionable.”

When you enter the door, there’s a large photo of the artist’s face, which isn’t at all jarring with the virtual build. Clicking on it gives a well written notecard with more information than I’ve quoted here, including links to her website and Etsy. She also makes hobo jewelry and sounds quite successful which is always pleasant to hear regarding a career in the arts.Ursa Major_003

I often see galleries on the mainland with real life art. Even though it’s understandable that many artists and others don’t have a lot of time or interest to spend inworld, interacting, it feels dismal to me that an artist “has a gallery in Second Life” and it just sits there. Ursa Major feels vibrant and relevant, as is the art here.