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wrong way 5There’s an interesting mainland area to explore on Route 1, near the Linden Butterfly House in Clearwing. Wrong Way Cafe in Sabre and Wrong Way Books next door are mostly the creation of Thea Donovan, who has returned to Second Life.

My first three photos are of the book store. It’s evident that Thea Donovan is a writer; there are at least a couple of well written info notecards that will tell you all you might wish to know. If you need to get in touch with Ms Donovan, there’s a pink mailbox by the door of the bookstore where you can drop a notecard.wrong way 6

Some excerpts from the bookstore notecard:

“Established in 2015, Wrong Way Books is a bookstore and small press in-world publisher of poetry manuscripts by independent authors.”

“All of our authors retain full copyright to their work and are free to share or sell their books in any venue. We merely provide book creation and editorial services (free of charge) as well as a place to display and sell the books we publish.”

There are several books for sale and one offer on the marketplace, Erasing Eleanor, an art object book of redacted text about the secret love affair of Eleanor Roosevelt and reporter Lorena Hickok.

There’s a continually working press shown in the photo below. (The actual THINC Intelli Book Factory used is hidden in the closet next to my friend.)

wrong way 7

edit 2/27/16: from an IM from Trilby Minotaur: “I went to wrong way books and noticed that the press that’s running is one made by Villian Baroque. It’s quite amazing. The rollers ink the type and little arms feed and remove the paper. It’s based on a Heidelberg windmill press, so called because of the way the arms move.”

The red building seen outside the window is a gacha yard sale. It seems when Ms Donovan returned to Second Life she discovered the world of gachas.

You can read about that and more background in her blog which she’s been posting to infrequently. wrong way 2In addition to the book shop, gacha collectibles and small dwelling (with open doors) is The Wrong Way Cafe and Dead End Theater.

An excerpt from the informative notecard:

“The cafe ran from September 2005 to September 2006 and became a regular venue for poetry readings from diverse members of our virtual community. As of October 2015, its founder Thea Donovan has returned to Second Life and resurrected the cafe to once again provide a venue for creative expression.” wrong way 3There are open mics scheduled for Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. SLT and it’s available for events.wrong way 4There’s a hangout/meeting area upstairs.

Thea also has a Visual Poetry installation in one of the trailers at The Colony, Artists Riverfront in Deimos.

Besides the Linden Butterfly House in the area, someone has part of an installation by Bryn Oh on the other side of Wrong Way.  Across the road is an art gallery, Northmans’ Tourist Trap Roadside Art Shop, Clearwing. wrong way 1This is an overview of Wrong Way Books and Cafe.

Some of the places across the road near Northmans’ are available to enter, some are private. When you leave Wrong Way and go left, past the Mole Mart, you will eventually get to a rez zone where you can rez road vehicles or water vehicles. (It was quite a challenge for me to get far on the water though.)