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I filmed this at the installation by 9Volt Borkotron, the most recent contributor to VeGeTaL PLanet.  VeGeTal PLaNet, created and owned by the French SL artist Vroum Short, has been back for a few months after a hiatus of several years.

“Surrounded with all her friends, she created VeGeTaL PLaNeT,􀀁 a world where all becomes possible and attainable, where the barriers of the real life diminish, to let the imagination flood it over with life. In her submarine exhibitions, 3D animated living plant sculptures and luminous pictures mix together harmoniously. 􀀀By creating Vegetal Planet, Vroum has discovered the world of art : an universal communication tool…
Probably the one of the subconscious sharing of our dreams.” — from the artist bio notecard.Vegetal Planet_018I found the sim this past weekend when I was teleported in and became enchanted by Borkotron’s installation. Besides Vroum Short and 9Volt Borkotron, there’s an exhibition of real life paintings by FaFNer Hofmann at VeGeTaL PLaNeT. Hofmann is a French artist; some of the paintings are shown in the photo above. Vegetal Planet_006There are several areas that can be reached by teleporter, including a games area. Seating is available throughout the sim. You can pick up a bubble to float around in on one level, just add to wear.Vegetal Planet_007The ceiling looks like water; the walls and floors change color. What looks like a wall often leads into another gallery.Vegetal Planet_008There’s a level that has a beautiful landscape.Vegetal Planet_011The Vroum Short Gallery has art groupings in many areas.  Much of it is animated.Vegetal Planet_013Elie Maurice Photographie.

Other artists include Loup Erin and Ananga Resident.Vegetal Planet_014Animated art by Vroum Short.

You can find many videos on YouTube and Vimeo about VeGeTal PLaNeT. Vegetal Planet_015Animated art by Mitou Waco At VeGeTaL PLaNeT.

Obviously it will take several visits to see everything. You can use the teleporters to explore. The art is available for purchase and there are some great gifts too.

I’d like to thank Izida Hax for help with clarifying information along with Vroum Short for the kind welcome.