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Fading Masks_007The beautiful and thought provoking Fading Masks by Haveit Neox opened at Berg by Nordan Art on January 3 and runs through March 31. All of these photos were taken using the region light. I enjoyed seeing the installation with the Lab viewers midnight too.Fading Masks_019A mask is being lost here, as happens to us humans eventually.

I highly recommend listening to the extended music score which was composed by the artist to listen to while walking the sim. At 4:39 it lasts a reasonable length of time. I kept replaying it and it’s enjoyable to listen to on its own as well.   Fading Masks_005A trailer for Fading Masks is available too, with poetic words being read, which you may want to see before or after your visit, if you haven’t been yet.Fading Masks_009I enjoy many aspects of this artist’s work including his usual color pallete which is really important to how art affects me. The inner area of the installation has a lovely glow; the figures move slowly in circles as do what looks like paper mache rocks to me. Some of the rocks bounce up and down too, even more mesmerizing when you’re listening to the score.Fading Masks_015The particles remind me of champagne bubbles. Fading Masks_012

The poetic words are beautiful. The text can be read as well as a further elaboration by Haveit Neox on Ziki Questi’s blog.Fading Masks_003When you first arrive, there are figures lined up, circling the center piece as you wade in water. There are many interesting angles and views.

I’ve had pleasant times snapping photos as well as putting the camera down and simply taking in the experience, both alone and with friends.