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blog pics_004The Shoshin Cafe and Shoshin Collectibles are charming places, each in a different location. The Cafe, the larger of the two, is a sweet place to hang out. The land description states: “A little cafe along Route 2 on Heterocera. We host events for readers, journaling junkies & yoga lovers.” blog pics_006Shoshin Cafe was established less than two months ago. There’s no scheduled yoga at this time; drop-ins are welcome whenever. The journaling sessions are about half an hour, again, everyone’s welcome to drop in anytime. Journaling can be drawing, doodling or writing. (Even working on a blog post; who’s to know?) The meeting times are M – Thu at 7:30 p.m. SLT.

There’s a small group if you want to be kept in the loop of prompts and announcements. Just like I’m not a meme girl when it comes to blogging, I don’t care for writing prompts and have learned they are optional here. blog pics_003It’s a great way to get some writing done and feel less solitary about it. Kaipo and Bona, the dogs, are very friendly and respond to commands. There are a few virtual critters hanging around the area too.blog pics_005The Cafe owner, Zoe Foodiboo, is also a librarian in 1920’s Berlin. I first met her at the meditation center at Refugium which I wrote a little about in my Norgaard Village post of over a year ago. Zoe_001Shoshin has been photographed for blogs at least twice before, here and hereZoe_004There’s a lookout point with a view of the sea across the road. A handy cigarette vending machine is available close by. blog pics_002At another location, off Route 3, Serpentata,  is Shoshin Collectibles. “A locally-owned shop selling gently used items.”

It’s well maintained. a 544 area with 146 LI allowance, the collectibles being replenished promptly when there’s room.