Roots_007I’ve enjoyed visiting Cica Ghost’s Roots several times. It’s been well covered by bloggers and photographers. I’ve wisely not let that lull me into the false sense of having plenty of time that led to my unfortunately missing Strings. Roots_003I’ve walked on pixel feet, ridden the balloons, snapped photos and also visited without my camera. For these photos I’ve used the sim windlight provided; when I’ve spent wandering time there I used my go-to Lab Sunset lighting so I could see. Roots_001I’ve lightened the exposure on the photo above.

While most photographs I’ve seen have used the windlight provided, some avatars have used a variety of others with great results. Also, since flying is allowed, I’ve noticed some wonderful views and angles in photographs that I surely overlooked while I was there. There are many opportunities to take a variety of fascinating photos than the size of the sim might lead one to believe. Roots_002

“The people have gone… the village remains, and time and nature now live here …”Roots_011Time and nature indeed now live there but the place does not feel abandoned. There are birds in residence and cheerfully colored flowers. The little houses seem to have many stories they could tell.Roots_013Time has taken over, roots have intruded but there’s still space and possibilities. Roots_014I didn’t have the sense of feeling alone in an abandoned place. It seems watchful. (And I’m not counting the other avatars who happen to be visiting at the same time.)Roots_019And then there’s the snail!