BarDeco_Secret Garden_007The last few weeks I’ve seen amazing art and lovely winter sims. What attracts me to BarDeco, and why it’s my first post of the year, is the weather and the wonderful use of a smaller area. It is still winter at BarDeco but the skies are clear, some of the snow is melting and there’s a lily pond with fresh water. You can see water below through the spaces between the planks.BarDeco_Secret Garden_004The land description for this Adult sim: “a small village on the water where you can stroll beside the sea in a Zen atmosphere and relaxed – a drink and listen to the music of the best DJs in SL at Bardeco”.

There haven’t been events going on when I’ve visited at various times but I like the atmosphere of the bar where they are held. There’s space to dance, table and bar seating, fresh air and a roaring fire. Dancing will keep you warm.BarDeco_Secret Garden_002Fresh produce are in several market stands. The buildings and vehicles have seen better days but in a well-used, lively sort of way. BarDeco_Secret Garden_008Most of the buildings are facades which allows the small area to show lots of ambient details. The windlight is lovely too which isn’t reflected in these photos. It was night in the region when I snapped these so I used sunset setting on the Lab viewer. BarDeco_Secret Garden_010One of the buildings you can enter is a small club with an old neon sign in front for Girls Girls Girls.BarDeco_Secret Garden_013Wildlife and old construction equipment are just outside of the village. From a view looking at the wall in the background, I could see the top of a palm tree on the other side. Most of this area has no flying and I didn’t investigate further.BarDeco boats