LEA 11 round 9_016Cyberpocalyptic Hive City, LEA 11 wasn’t quite finished when I visited last week. It’s well worth spending time in and it would be great if there’d be a place for it after this LEA round 9. Since I’ve talked about it this past week others have told me they really liked it too.LEA 11 round 9_004There’s a central sector of shipping and industrial buildings.LEA 11 round 9_005Exploring inside the buildings, I found many to be empty. This place would make a great roleplay sim. I found references that this theme has been established elsewhere maybe but I haven’t known about it; this place just looks cool.LEA 11 round 9_006I like the use of light, water, statuary and greenery mixed with the Asia and futuristic look.LEA 11 round 9_008There’s a club.  LEA 11 round 9_009LEA 11 round 9_014My viewer didn’t show this as intended  according to the suggestions giving in the land description but you can get some impression of the beauty.

“–// Perpetually Under Construction!\\–
I suggest running your graphical settings at Max if you are capable so you may see it as I have in it’s creation thus far. Thank you for visiting & hopefully see you again soon. :)”LEA 11 round 9_019There are way too many details for me to show in photos here. At an upper level there’s a 2D art display. I hope this isn’t the end of this build.