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artifacs_026LEA round 9 is very nearly over and there are land grant installations gradually being dismantled as I type this. I thought I was done with my 2015 blogging when I took a quick look around the LEA sims I hadn’t visited due to a really busy first life and Second Life.  Two of them really called out to me to photograph and write about.

The first is Artifacs by Seafore Perl at LEA 12. From the land description:

“Art under the influence of PTSD. Talismans, mementos of one’s life journey. Hopefully more questions than answers. (created by a former Green Medic who became an amputee when wounded in Vietnam).”artifacs_017It isn’t the sort of thing I’m usually drawn to and I hadn’t been curious enough to check it out when I saw the helicopter flying around as it was being built. (I was spending a lot of time enjoying a neighboring sim.)artifacs_014Inside the building at the welcome area are some small “talismans and mementos”. artifacs_015On the wall are digital and traditional assemblages of the same scenes.artifacs_004I didn’t recognize any creator brands and found myself clicking on things to see who had made them. The groups used to rez the items are Builder’s Brewery and LEA Sandbox. Everything appeared to be created for this installation. While most of it isn’t pretty, I began to feel some understanding.

So I checked the profile of Seafore Perl.

“Artist creating 3D digital replicas of personal object collection to arrange into virtual still life assemblages. Also creating virtual environments exploring artwork and PTSD memories. Master of Fine Arts in Integrated Visual Studies summer 2015 Iowa State University.”artifacs_023This creature’s tongue has spiders on it. You can walk up it and then down into its mouth to see four stylized images of faces. Elsewhere there’s the entrance of a cave you can walk into to find yourself in a domed environment.

There’s evidence of the recent aftermath of war which has a way different mood in the context of a beautiful landscape than when I see these same sorts of items on a Halloween sim.artifacs_021I found myself exploring the rice paddies in misty fog. As I moved around I couldn’t tell just what was triggering the sudden orange fireballs. You can see my silhouette in the center of the photo above.artifacs_020I’ll end with this photo of the same view as the one above it.   

I really appreciate that LEA exists and offers these opportunities for artists to display and avatars to visit.