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arosa_001A few winters ago I discovered Arosa Village, a mountain town in Sansara. There’s ice skating on a lake and sledding down a mountain into the village. Most of the homes were rented every time I passed through.arosa_002

From the land description: “Arosa: The kindest mountain town in Second Life.
Das schönste Bergdorf in Second Life.
Information: IM Sonja Strom, Arosa Resident”

When I was in the area several months ago, I noticed an available chalet near the lake and immediately rented it, even though I have other homes. Most of my neighbors speak German and it’s a peaceful hideout for me when I’m there. My human works on things in another window and I take breaks, playing outdoors.arosa_003I’m getting better at sledding under the bridge and onto the lake.

During the winter, there’s a holiday market in the middle of town. There’s also a forest nearby and a huge area to wander. It was on a walk down the road from here that I discovered the winter park I blogged about last. arosa_004

It’s usually snowing on the lake and there are swans nearby where the ice is cracked open. (I never lock my homes but this rental has a security system with a locked door.) arosa_006Arosa has been around longer than I have, at least since May 2011. arosa_011

There are historical areas nearby too, with things built by the Lindens quite a while ago.

My “Santa Claudia” snow suit is made by Almut Brunswick, one of my Arosa neighbors. She’s constructing a shop in town where the Munich Office used to be. There are lots of mix and match parts to the snowsuit. It can be found on the marketplace.