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winter_005Usually I feel like sharing places I enjoy but I’ve been a bit reluctant to blog this winter playground where I go when I need a break from making machinima and working on projects at Art Farm Co op. It’s been a place to unwind and a peaceful retreat.winter_004

There’s a large furnished chalet, a small cabin and a cafe; all are open to the public. Activities include ice skating, vehicles to ride and several places for dancing.winter_006  I enjoy the view during sunsets and sunrises.

winter_008Here’s a view inside the cafe. The ice skating lake is just in front of here.winter_009The last time I was there I took lots of photos and used the Yester- color effect when editing in PicMonkey. I’m wearing one of the classic snow suits by Almut Brunswick. There are lots of mix and match parts to them and I’ve saved the outfit mix I like best. (I can see my breath when I’m wearing the scarf and it sometimes causes my photos to look like ghosts are wafting about.)winter_011By now you’ve noticed this gem is on the mainland. It’s located in the snowlands of Sansara, off Amundsen Road. The teleport landing is near an old garage with a vehicle rezzer nearby. The landmark is actually for Desperation Isle Productions (skyboxes) and there are teleporters to a sky beach club, main store, furniture store and a sky race track, all above this park, I think. I’ve never made it to any of them so far but I think it’s great that they have this place for the public on the ground.

From the land description:   “Top quality – low land impact: Skyboxes and homes, furnished and unfurnished for parcels of any size. Large model display area, furniture store, club, cafe and the Minarlo Vite Public Winter Park on the ground – and a sky race track!”winter_014My virtual driving skills aren’t the best so I really like having plenty of space to travel around.winter_016There are several roads nearby too including the GOHA Access Road leading to Chamonix City. GOHA is Global Online Hockey Association and there are avatars who are only in Second Life to play in the games. The hockey season ended recently but the community is open to the public and there are practice rinks available. With information, free shapes and skins, people willing to help and an amazing hockey arena, some avatars never venture further on.

I took the balloon ride and was also given a personal tour one afternoon. I hope to watch a game some day, although I know nothing about hockey.winter_019Back at the Public Winter Park in Minarlo Vite, there’s a ski lift that will take you down to the water’s edge.winter_020There you can rez a jet ski. winter_026There are some bear sculptures near the cozy cabin. Much of the park is set up for couples.