KoS23One of the virtual destinations with beautiful architecture is Kingdom of Sand. It’s meant as a roleplay sim but visitors can pick up a three day visitor’s pass in the welcome area. It’s owned by those who had Venexia and Goatswood which closed earlier this year.KoS3Most of the activity is in the Palace and the City but there are dwellings and meeting places out in the desert, on pirate ships and in Mer people caves.KoS13There are Catacombs for the Undead too. Visitors don’t have access everywhere, not in residences of course, but also NPC’s block the way to secret meeting areas for the various factions and groups.KoS20Kingdom of Sand is well established; in my opinion the build still looks great. There are vast areas of sands with palm trees but there’s enough water that my avatar felt comfortable as I happily snapped photos during several visits.KoS29The ambience is of ancient times but I did notice two raccoons and a Jack Daniels bottle. KoS33Much of the Palace and the Harem is off limits but there are public places one can visit.KoS36If you’ve ever considered visiting or making a return visit, sadly I suggest you do so very soon, within the next week.