Nightfall Cities_009 I’m wanting to visit some of the newer sims before winter. I took my camera to one that’s about a month old. The plan here seems to be lots of vignettes for photography rather than a cohesive theme. There are hidden places too, I relaxed and poked around for a while. The sim is Nightfall Cities. It’s Adult rated; there are rules that need to be read. You can join a group for prop rez rights; there’s a symbolic fee for that to help support the sim.     Nightfall Cities_011From the land description:

“pictures, explore, photography, fantasy, wild, farm, lake, romance, couples, cuddling, exploring, ruins, ancient, fairies, animals, snapshot, camera, fun, meet, newcomer, secrets, caves, beach, boats, gardens, nature”

Camera and photography is mentioned several times in that paragraph but not machinima; I’m guessing that the owners would be fine with filming. Nightfall Cities_014 This beach is a few steps away from some brown bears under some trees. There really are lots of animals, ruins, farm scenes, old playground equipment as well as the water backgrounds and palm trees.    Nightfall Cities_016 What I like the most is the gorgeous water. This is near the landing; the office is in a small building. There’s a link to the Flickr group.Nightfall Cities_019One area of the sim has a variety of little houses for photographic purposes.