11_14_007There are reasons I rarely post about Hunts or even do them. New Toulouse is one of my favorite virtual places and I really enjoyed the No Such Thing Hunt going on there right now, through Nov 28. From the land description:

“Welcome to New Toulouse, a private estate community based on the American city of New Orleans, Louisiana and its surrounding environs in the first 25 years of the twentieth century (1900 – 1925).”

While it’s a private estate community, there’s plenty for visitors to see and do. I took these photos of some of the places on the hunt trail.11_14_002There’s info at the landing about the hunt or you can start at No Such Thing HQ. There you pick up a free HUD and a Building Inspector Badge, the green thing I’m wearing in the photo.

“Collect your HUD at the starting point. Wearing your HUD, find all twenty kraken hatchlings and hear their stories. When your HUD is completely filled, return to hunt HQ to collect your rewards.”

SL has been laggy and crashy for me lately so I removed and reattached the HUD several times to make sure I didn’t lose my progress. With all the photo taking, distractions of exploring (like the cool detective agency) and numerous bars and the opium den, I managed to complete the hunt in a reasonable amount of time with a remarkable lack of frustration and annoyance. And I love most of the prizes; there are many I actually can and will use.

Here are some photos from my recent travels in New Toulouse:

Lafitte's Old Primsmith Bar

Lafitte’s Old Primsmith Bar

“Lafitte’s Old Primsmith Bar Home of Mama Cree’s Freebies, All Full Perm – The oldest structure in New Toulouse! Refurbished a few times, but it was here first! Stop by and drown your sim-blues in prim-booze.”

Cafe d'Eve-Musica y Danza de Latin America y el Caribe

Cafe d’Eve-Musica y Danza de Latin America y el Caribe

“Also home to the Louisianna Institute of Liberal and Technical Learning, New Toulouse Extension. (And upstairs to some suspicious IWW radical types who seem to be plotting to launch some kind of subversive newspaper.)”

Lin Laundry

Lin Laundry

“Lin Laundry New Toulouse Laundry. First-class cleaning at reasonable prices. Currently hiring.”

Begues's Restaurant and Saloon

Begues’s Restaurant and Saloon

“Begues’s Restaurant and Saloon Begue’s Restaurant and Saloon (Circa 1915). Sit back, unwind and enjoy a full service menu of a reminiscent cafe and saloon from early 20th century New Orleans. – Restaurant, Ragtime, Dixieland Jazz, Swing Jazz, Vintage Blues, Electro-Swing.”

Kari's Bar and Dance

Kari’s Bar and Dance

“Kari’s Bar and Dance A bar and club that plays good Blues and Jazz especially made to dance and romance . midnight settings, Gumbo, Gris Gris, Dancing Cheek to Cheek, Roof-Top Tangos and True- Blue Friendships that last.Live music entertainment.”

The Green-eyed Fairy

The Green-eyed Fairy

“The Green-eyed Fairy Absinthe bar. Playable ragtime piano. Dancing. Pictures of Jazz and Blues greats (buy for 0L). Many other freebies and low cost items. Beautiful garden. Other interesting features.”

La cloche du chat

La cloche du chat

“soup kitchen for cats”

This is one of about three stops that are in the bayou.

La cloche du chat

La cloche du chat

A second photo of the soup kitchen since I found it charming and amusing.

The Dafthouse

The Dafthouse

“Music, Poetry, Art and conversation. This once busy brewery has been abandoned after mysterious murders and rumors of ghosts, but we have filled the place with joy and light. Come play games, talk, or indulge in more carnal pleasures.”

There seem to be two hunts every year in New Toulouse.