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af sat_002There’s a four day AvatarFest celebrating the strength and diversity of the hypergrid user community happening; today is day three. There will be a hypergrid safari visit on Wednesday the 18th. AvatarFest is open to the public for two weeks after the celebrations end.

“We do not represent corporations, companies nor grids – we are the customers, users, builders and dreamers who live out here, sharing our dreams and creations with one another.” AvatarFest_001In the above photo is a bar near the welcome area of the event. The Dj stage is nearby as well as information kiosks.

My schedule doesn’t permit me a lot of time in opensim. I found it fairly easy to visit from several of the grids where I have accounts, just pasting http://avatarfest.net:6000 in the world map and most of the time I saw Region Found! and teleported.    AvatarFest_003Above is a space roleplay installation in the exhibit area. The exhibit area is well worth visiting after the events are done this weekend. They represent a variety of grids and activities in opensim.  AvatarFest_005 I enjoyed visiting the huge Hogwarts Spot. The build isn’t totally done but is quite impressive. There are several interactive areas; I got sorted into Ravenclaw House.

There were several Dj’s scheduled this weekend, a poetry reading, a theater performance, a roleplay workshop and several live performers. One live performance, by a musician from France, was understandably cancelled. There were moments of silence and a candlelight vigil for those who lost their lives in Paris.AvatarFest_002This is a Native exhibit with displays of related books scattered around the edges.   AvatarFest_010This is a portal to the Immersive Edge place which is a collaborative work for the future of storytelling in opensim. I want to post about it soon. Nara’s Nook, a writer’s grid is moving right now; there’s a storytelling group people will be able to join for notifications about Immersive Edge.AvatarFest_011This exhibit is at Byron’s Art Gallery. There’s writing about Autism Meltdown as well as other information.AvatarFest_012A view from inside the dance pavillion. There are many exhibits not shown here. There are also inviting places by fountains and flowers to sit and rest your pixels.af sat_001This was a fun exhibit of droids.

I liked dancing with other avatars on Friday evening and now on Sunday afternoon. I am AfK part of the time. I’ve recognized avatar names from Google + and from Summer of Arts on Metropolis Grid which I’ve visited and posted about recently. There are lots of avatars here but the grid hasn’t crashed at this point.

I love seeing the creative results of good people working together.