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Day of the Dead_002 The Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum’s fifth annual Day of the Dead Festival has been going on from October 29 and will continue through November 3. There is a special event today, Sunday, Nov 1 from 5:00 p.m. SLT — 8:00 p.m. SLT.Day of the Dead_001Schedules and information are available at the landing. There were quite a few avatars around while I was there but I didn’t experience much lag until I tried to teleport out. I discovered there’s a lot more going on here at this new-to-me destination than this six day festival. I could easily have spent a lot more time than I did on this first visit.

There’s an area of altars for loved ones that have passed from cancer including an altar kit. If I’d had more notice I would have made one for my sister and placed it at Art Farm Co-op, LEA 28 where I don’t have to be concerned about prim count. There’s also a pet cemetery, which I always find touching to fine across the grid.

The UTEP Ballcourt of the Sun appears to be permanent. The sim is very educational with much to explore. I flew over the Miners River of Memories to look at a gorgeously colorful building which turned out to be a meeting place for the University of Michigan School of Journalism. Visitors are welcome; respecting when there are meetings there.  Day of the Dead_008 Here I’m resting in the Wildlife Sanctuary. Nearby is the UTEP Sandbox and I picked up some African Cuban Textures and also Dwellings. Day of the Dead_010In time I discovered that UTEP is for the University of Texas at El Paso. I’d begun to wonder how this place could exist with all the expenses required to run something of this scope and discovered there’s corporate sponsorship involved.Day of the Dead_014The signs with the bright orange circles on the royal blue background are clickable to deliver informative notecards. There are buildings around this area with interiors, also gardens and animals are scattered around outdoors.Day of the Dead_017I decided to return some other day and circle back to the Festival of the Dead.Day of the Dead_018I picked up some ancient musical instruments and looked at some of the media displays. It looks like there’s a small recording studio and there’s access to recorded performances. This is a very well done cultural display sim.Day of the Dead_019As I write this, there are still a couple of days of events at the Smithsonian Latino Museum’s Fifth Annual Day of the Dead Festival.