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Brunel Hall_005Last week I made a thorough visit to Brunel Hall and Restaurant in New Babbage after getting notice days before of yet another renovation. I’d last blogged about this destination in January, which includes a link to it’s history. Brunel Hall_003What I recall of the notice was that the latest renovation restored the restaurant and hotel to a previous version built with more mesh items. There’s an Academy Tram that runs in front of Brunel Hall if you wish to explore the area.

When you walk into the building, just inside to your left is an information booth about buildings in New Babbage and the building code. From the notecard:

“New Babbage was built for builders, not roleplayers. Think fantastic engineering, not whimsy. This is not the place for manor houses, vampire castles, or sprawling garden estates.” More info is given.Brunel Hall_004The seasonal decorations were out and I managed my visit safely around that creature coming up through the floor. There’s a map shown in the left of the photo and to the right of that is the entry into the pool area. The blackboard has instructions for the self serve dining.

It was gratifying to see that all the hotel rooms are occupied! You can check out availability easily and to the right are more details about room rentals. There’s other information on the wall to the right as well. The calendar indicates that it’s October in the 1880’s. This destination doesn’t use bots to inflate their traffic and never has.     Brunel Hall_007There are areas for meetings and romantic dinners. There were avatars while I was snapping and it is spacious enough for privacy.
Brunel Hall_009
There are rooms off to the side of the main dining area. Some areas have seating for tinies. There’s a hookah, instructions over the bar and lovely details everywhere.Brunel Hall_011There are also areas for group dining. The main dining area has a wall with a group joiner, facebook page, visitor counter and other info. Storerooms both upstairs and down indicate they won’t be running out of libations any time soon.Brunel Hall_017The bar has been moved back to the lower level. There’s dancing and also poses for leaning on the bar or tending it. I wished I still had my Edwardian outfit on that I wore to New Toulouse and IIe Sainte Marie-les-Bains for the photos. (What I was wearing was a pilot camouflage uniform and hair I got at Geeks ‘N Nerds.)

There’s a Greedy table downstairs too. I’ve never been interested in playing but took note that it’s the first time I’ve seen instructions for the game posted on a wall. (It blends in well with the decor too.)  This place is outstanding in helping visitors feel welcome and navigate their way around.  Brunel Hall_019Here is a shot from the restaurant, looking down upon the bar. Brunel Hall_022This is the spa area which is in a separate room off the pool. There are free bathing costumes for both women and men available.

New Babbage during the winter is a wonderful place to explore and Brunel Hall and Restaurant is a vital part of New Babbage.