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Snapshot_019Here are some final photos of Carnival of Mirrors. The installation above is one of my favorites.Snapshot_015There were thought provoking installations that made me more introspective and even less into photography and note carding info.Snapshot_016Looking into the past.Snapshot_017Looking into the future.Snapshot_018I was especially pleased to see the campgrounds fill up so fast. It’s a great way to have an immersive experience for the week, logging in and out by your tent.

The idea of pop-up galleries and places seems to work in this oh-so ephemeral virtual world. I do know the feeling of creating something and wanting it to stay for a while so more people can experience it. Photographs can help with documentation and memories but they’re way different than being there. Of course.Snapshot_021Thanks to everyone who put creativity, time and energy into Burn 2 2015. Snapshot_022