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sm 1I’ve found a charming virtual destination and roleplay sim, IIe Sainte Marie-les-Bains. You can simply visit but the times I’ve been there several avatars have engaged me in light roleplay. The time is the early 1900’s and it’s requested that period clothing be worn.sm 2Free period clothing for both men and women are available in the welcome area. There’s an outfit, a straw hat and a bathing costume for each. I like the straw hat, the top is ok and I love the skirt. I haven’t tried the bathing costume yet.sm 4

From the notecard: “Everyone who seeks a retreat for relaxation is welcome to Ile Sainte Marie-les-Bains.The french Island and Thermal Spa is located at the Cote d’Azur, just at the Coast between the Cities of Toulon and Nice. Roman Ruins are found on the Island and it is suposed that they had a Thermal bath here as well. Spend some relaxing time at the mild climate of Southern France and meet the friendly people. Time is around 1900. Several Events are planed for the future….stay informed with this group.sm 5

From the land description: “Everyone who seeks a retreat for relaxation is welcome to Ile Sainte Marie-les-Bains. The Island & Thermal Spa is at the Cote d’Azur. Time is around 1900.Please wear time fitting attire. Historic, Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, RP, Edwardian, Vintage, Mademoiselle’s”sm 6There are several restaurants, a hotel, a Pharmacie, some shops in which to purchase period costumes and vintage posters and the Gallerie Intemporelle where you can purchase copies of masterpieces by Monet, Cezzanne and such. I’ve heard there will be residences available and I’m guessing the “artiste” living above the gallery is in a private residence. sm 7I enjoyed taking photos there and have some of these up in my current pop up gallery at Art Farm Co-op at LEA 28, with the accompanying information:

“These museum photographs were casually taken by Pearl Grey on her first visit to the French Island at the Cote d’Azur on the Coast between the cities of Toulon and Nice in the early 1900’s.

Grey was accompanied by her friend RMarie Beedit. The purpose of the journey was intended to be a restorative rest in the thermal spa after months of overwork in artistic endeavors following the months of accompanying their respective husbands on African safari.

The notes in the beginning pages of Grey’s travel account mention the Roman Ruins in the area which were apparently explored by her. Photos of the ruins are extensively damaged by what appears to be chocolate.

Whatever the intended purpose of the first visit, the focus seems to have been on the local restaurants and on the fashions observed by the two women who were apparently quite free with their opinions and indulgences.

A restorative rest may have been intended but the ladies seemed to continue with their habit of living life with gusto.

This exhibit is curated by the great grand daughter of Grey, Pearl Grey.

This building the pieces are exhibited in is a historic relic itself and appears to be in a state of disrepair although the curator, Pearl Grey is quite adamant that the building is perfect for her vision.”sm 10This is seating in the baths; the pool is behind us.

Here are a few photos that are less processed:Gallerie IntemporelleGallerie IntemporelleHotel Belvedere 2Hotel Belvedere The building is by Silex Zapedzki of Never Totally Dead.

Hotel Belvedere interiorThe hotel interiorPharmacieThe Pharmacie.

I’m looking forward to seeing photos taken in this location.