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Burn 2 1Burn 2 Carnival of Mirrors continues through the 25th. The photo above shows one of the many places to hang out and tell stories or whatever.Burn 2 15There’s a schedule of live music and other events. Burn 2 3There’s quite a variety of things to see. Many of the installations have land descriptions such as the one for the space above that has a lot of watery mirrors and fire:

“Camp Envy Mirror ThisA CampEnvy Chillspace by a RL Nevada Burner. MirrorTheme, music-& Fire, & a some Tesla effect 2-Take a peek in2 this tentOmirrors& kick back-RL Guitar playing just may break out NEtime! Love2 discuss RL BurningMan & NEthing Nevada. Enjoy UR burn! )*(“Burn 2 4Who is that weird lady in the plague mask and Viking helmet?

Burn 2 5“Paintings and sculptures and maybe a few freebies by a sl builder and rl amateur artist.”Burn 2 6

Burn 2 7

Burn 2 8

10_22_1The above photo shows a resting and snack place near the welcome entry. There are greeters and helpful people around if you have any questions.10_22_2I’ve met many Firefly fans in both Second Life and Opensim. The photo above is a Firefly Companions Guild.10_22_3Clicking on one of the framed photos connects you with a companion that will pour you some tea or some such.10_22_8But I was more in a mood for playing with the parachutes. 10_22_9The snapshot above was taken inside A Clam built for Organica by Jedda Zenovka. I happened to be there at the same time she was and she told me a bit about Organica, a psy music community, which sounds like a place worth checking out when I have more time. She mentioned discussions about sustainable living and the environment. I popped in to make sure the LM is accurate and found this in the land description:

Psytrance Sim
(flower.rainforest): “Organica: some of the best damn lag in SL”
Goa, Oldskool, Psy, Trance, Psytrance, Solstice, Equinox, Festival, Electronic , tribe, nature, tree, love, peace”10_22_10Jedda Zenovka, builder of A Clam, for Organica.