Freak Show by Jennifer Steele_001Continuing my exploration of Burn 2, I intended to pay closer attention to the juried artist installations and I began with Freak Show by Jennifer SteeleFreak Show by Jennifer Steele_002From the NC: “About the Artist: Jennifer Steele (Steele Wilder) Burn2 Artist and Videographer of Burn2 – Carnival of Mirrors

My work is FREAK SHOW

“Exploring the righteous freaks that we were and have become”

This installation involves info and insights from real life people whom some consider to be freaks. You can click on the ticket to choose the ones you are most interested in.Freak Show by Jennifer Steele_003This is how I often intend to write clear and informative posts. I sat backstage to begin working. Perhaps other bloggers have alts when they explore things; I don’t know. I don’t really network with other bloggers. Burn 2 is a very friendly place and avatars kept chatting with me. No, I didn’t put my busy sign on but I tried my press pass tag for a short time.Freak Show by Jennifer Steele_004I soon gave up. I collected some masks and things. Here I am wearing both a plague mask and a Viking hat which I rather liked the look of. I enjoyed the burger cooking animation outside the Freak Show tent. Thus I became a snapshot taking tourist once again.burn 2 5“Beyond the Mask Blu Vavoom

“Who Are You?” said Wonderland’s Caterpillar. In Real Life, we wear masks over the True Self only each of us knows. In SL, we wear Avatar(s) as clone-masks of our RL Selves or as a Fantasy-Self. Mask upon mask, layer upon layer. Who, really, Are You?”burn 2 7I got some quality exploration in at Beyond the Mask. This might be where I picked up the accessories I wore.burn 2 11“Mischief at work, mischief at play. Experience both here. A place to cuddle or chill, indoors or out. Mistryl’s Mischief.”burn 2 11“The Mirror of Truth. What will your true figure … be? You sit down on a chair, and please see a true figure projected by a mirror.”

This is what I got for images of my ‘true self’.

There are many interactive and clickable things at Carnival of Mirrors. Lots of details to explore for those who have time.