Veyot's Tree of Mirrors

Veyot’s Tree of Mirrors

I’ve been popping into Burn 2 when I can and have some more photos today. There’s a campground people could pitch a tent or sleeping bag in for the week; that must be a great immersive and efficient experience.11_16_15_028I’ve had other commitments this week and will surely miss a lot but I’m enjoying the time I’m spending there. Since dealing with mazes is unpleasant for me, I’ve been exploring the mirror and mask places more.11_16_15_027Some are thought-provoking installations, some fun and entertaining.11_16_15_021I asked someone involved about the “juried and invited artists” thing and apparently that happens every year. Long time readers of this blog are aware I’m more about subjective, open ended experiences than reporterish facts. 11_16_15_020The week does seem to be whizzing by but there’s still time to explore. You can find the event calendar has info you need about what’s happening when you’re able to be there.11_16_15_01211_16_15_007