11_16_15_005Burn 2 opens Saturday the 17th at 12:00 p.m. with the Lamplighter Procession. The event calendar is here. It looks both well-organized and fun, the most impressive Burn 2 I’ve seen yet. At the Welcome Home arrival area, just follow the signs. There’s a map, a station to pick up water and clothes and you’re on your way.11_16_15_008The balloon tours and other rides weren’t functional yet on Press Day but it looks well set up for ease of getting around. I saw at least one Art Tour bus stop while I was walking around. The tour schedule shown above is near the Department of Mutant Vehicles.11_16_15_013In previous years I simply wandered around enjoying myself and didn’t read anything about the celebration.  This year I read a notecard indicating that there are 16 juried and invited artists. There were SLurls given with each avatars name and I’ll be blogging a bit about that this week. I really liked the installations I checked out briefly.11_16_15_014The theme looks more cohesive to me this year and I saw many things I want to explore further.11_16_15_023I started out intending to take fairly good notes but there were some rides to try out, free gifts ( like Fear and Loathing gestures and a wearable snake ) and things to play with. 11_16_15_024As always, with anything I post about, the idea is for avatars to go visit and check things out for themselves. The photos are for a bit of recognition, memories and documentation.11_16_15_026The Festival of Masks in the Frog Pond area especially drew me in.11_16_15_029On Friday, there were some places where I could fly and some where I could not. I saw one area installed by a friend and will pay closer attention to the avatar names associated with the art during the week. 11_16_15_030This is an especially intriguing view for me, with the installation behind it showing in the background. 11_16_15_033The Carnival of Mirrors is available to visit for just about a week.