nt 14From the land description for New Toulouse:   “Welcome to New Toulouse, a private estate community based on the American city of New Orleans, Louisiana, and its surrounding environs in the first 25 years of the twentieth century (1900-1925).”nt 1These are actually old photos I found in a journal belonging to my great grandmother Pearl Grey. Apparently she’d taken several trips to New Toulouse to visit a friend who owned a bar called Weeds. During one of her visits a hurricane struck shortly after. nt 2Now some have said that Pearl didn’t always have a great grip on reality but I like to think her journal is accurate. We found it in her Classic and Surreal Gallery and Museum which I wrote about on Monday.nt 3Apparently as the water continued to rise, (it was steadily raining), Pearl and her friend Marie drank absinthe and talked. They were joined by the town doctor, Doc Avalon.  nt 4After enough conversation and drink, the women got in a small boat and toured the town. nt 5

nt 6

nt 7nt 8nt 9nt 11nt 13I’m guessing that Great Grandmother Pearl left town before the clean up started.