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Water Tower; Riddings_001

There’s a fine architectural building being constructed in Riddings. The land was claimed just a little over two months ago and I’ve been checking the progress of this place called simply Water tower (under construction).Water Tower; Riddings_003

The year numbers above the door are 1926 – 1927. From the land description: “Siwo’s territory. Visitors are welcome :)”.Water Tower; Riddings_004The elevator or teleport system isn’t in place yet. Water Tower; Riddings_005I really enjoy the detailed work at the top of the building where the office is. Water Tower; Riddings_006There are wind chimes outside, a drafting table and other decor in the pleasant space.Water Tower; Riddings_008The tower is located on a small, interestingly shaped plot near the Riddings Rezz Zone which the Moles have landscaped and included benches. Route 3A runs through here.