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Bad Coffee_001Back to the mainland, today I have photos of Bad Coffee #1 and #3. There may have been a #2 at one time, it sounds vaguely familiar, but I have been unable to locate it.

I first noticed these shops while riding pods. The owner of the Bad Coffee shops, Elex Dusk, is of the ancient age of almost 11 years old. Bad Coffee_002Shop #1, in East Corsica, Sanderton, is the most spacious of the two and still listed in search. You can pick up posters and there’s a game to play. The times I’ve visited, I’ve seen a fair amount of traffic in the land description but not many avatars present.  It’s situated on a 512 plot using 105 LI.Bad Coffee_003From the land description: “You can: buy a cup of bad coffee, chit chat, listen to music (emo pop), read a book or our zine, play Petals (arcade game), touch the cootie detector, watch movies, find secret freebies, hang out, and make new friends. Open 24/7 For a menu say /menu.”
Bad Coffee_004You can see a pod traveling by in the photo above.

In one of those “small world ” situations, I met an avatar at a different location who had on a copy of the same dress I wore, a dress made by a content creator who mostly builds prefabs and offers just a  few pieces of apparel. We’d each been looking at houses when we found the dress.  In her profile I noticed she’s a member of Bad Coffee, a closed group, and asked her about it.

She said the owner has had the land for a really long time and rebranded a few years ago. He used to do a lot of things in voice there years ago too, all before my time.Bad Coffee No 3_001Bad Coffee #3 in West Corsica, Harbourne is smaller, using 32 LI out of 32 available.  It’s no longer listed in search or in the picks of the owner, there’s a $L amount in the SLurl so I’m speculating anyone could inquire about purchasing it.  Bad Coffee No 3_002

While standing in the road to take photos for this post I was run over by one of AnnMarie Otooles tanks but I’ve recovered nicely.