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ACC Alpha_016Very recently I enjoyed a wander around ACC Alpha and got my camera out to snap some photos. My reminder of this lovely place had been the pleasant surprise of seeing The Centaur’s Hall, by Haveit Neox, still located at Verdigris. Centaur's Hall_001I’ve long admired the Transylvanian Tower at The Golden Oriole at Verdigris. Soon I will have a good reason to put one to use. Checking out the one on site was my initial reason for the visit. With so many reminders of the transience of our virtual world lately it was comforting to see The Centaur’s Hall, which I blogged about here in February of this year, still available to visit. After snapping a picture, above, I looked in my landmarks for ACC Alpha and was on my way.ACC Alpha_002It looked different from the last time I’d been but much of it was familiar.ACC Alpha_007From the land description:  “WELCOME TO ACC ALPHA.
The tropical centaurian architecture of ACC Alpha was built by Haveit Neox. Lush gardens soften the weathered builds. The sim is home to art galleries, libraries, games, sports, rowing, and cultural events. Please enjoy!”ACC Alpha_010The place is huge and richly detailed. There are signs and teleporters to help you get around once you are more familiar with the lay of the land.ACC Alpha_012I recommend exploring on foot and looking into all the nooks and crannies and checking out the views from different points of reference.ACC Alpha_013When you get tired there are restful places to hang out.ACC Alpha_017Haveit Neox has a blog for posting news. There’s a new spa at ACC Alpha and you can read about it there.ACC Alpha_018He happened to be on the sim at the same time I was and said hello; we had a brief and pleasant conversation. ACC Alpha_020Both ACC Alpha and The Centaur’s Hall are great places to visit as are the many art installations he has around the grid at times, including LEA and Fantasy Faire.ACC Alpha_022And I couldn’t resist a scenery shot.