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Steelhead_002The City of Steelhead is closing at the end of the month although there are negotiations to save at least one of the sims. In the meantime the Friday evening dances are continuing.Steelhead_026I haven’t spent a lot of time in Steelhead; I visit about twice a year. What I’m most drawn to there is Southpaw’s Indoor Tea Garden. Steelhead_028A few days ago I went back for a final look around.Steelhead_003Many of the buildings are empty but Benders Pub was still open.Steelhead_006From the land description: “Capital City of Steelhead set in the Pacific Northwest circa 19th c. The ‘Guilded Age’ of the American Pacific concept around ‘Gaslamp Fantasy’ a mixture of Victorian, steampunk and Noveau style architecture. Visit Town Hall for Details.”Steelhead_012I took a last look at the architecture. Maybe some of this will end up on the mainland.Steelhead_014I looked at many of the interiors too.Steelhead_016It was quiet when I was there but I know some consider it home.Steelhead_020It sounds like some of the residents are waiting on the Lab to learn what can be done.Steelhead_013I’ve heard that Club Gearz, shown above, will be placed on a quarter sim that people can visit.Steelhead_019

Steelhead is a unique place which will be missed.