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Robin Loop_005There’s some mainland property between Rubi Woods and a Robin Loop intersection in Hector that has been changing hands, or maybe builds, about once a year. The last two or three themes have been interesting and also open to the public. During a recent wander around the area I discovered the latest inviting creation there.   Robin Loop_002 Afonasei’s Place is a welcoming respite for travelers or to engage in conversation or IMs.

From the land description:  “It’s just a little bitty pissant country place. Ain’t nothin’ much to see. No griefing allowed, we get a nice quiet crowd, plain as it can be.”
Robin Loop_003 There’s a tree stump with a blanket to sit on and further back is an old picnic bench.  Robin Loop_004 Attention has been paid to details. Robin Loop_006I liked the inside of the farmhouse too.Robin Loop_007 Great views. There’s Linden water on the other side of the road. Robin Loop_009

Next to Afonasei’s Place is Crawley Prayer Garden.

From the land description: “This pubic space is for prayer, reflection, meditation or any other peaceful and introspective needs.”

There’s a view of the Linden owned Rubi Woods through the gate in back. Crawley Manor, to the right in this photo, is a private residence with a security orb. Robin Loop_008 There’s a small space indoors as well.Robin Loop_001Behind these places is Rubi Woods, just some Linden trees scattered over the terrain but so much better than empty land. It’s “a place”.