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art gallery_001During my mainland travels I came across this pleasant little gallery in a breezy spot in Falkor. Roadside Xirana’s Art Gallery has two floors of art in various mediums. There are two kiosks with information about the artist as well as website and contact information. art gallery_002Some of the different mediums are oil, watercolor, acrylic, ink, charcoal and pastel. The pieces can be purchased and most are available in RL.art gallery_003You may have heard of the artist’s Portraits For Peace.  A WordPress blog is here.art gallery_004The informational notecard also gives a landmark to Xirana’s Art Studio, shown above, where everyone is welcome.  There’s a gift of a 1 LI art cushion available.art gallery_005After checking the studio out I went back to the gallery, had watermelon and worked on this post.