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The opening of Generative, Glitch and Gifs is scheduled for 7 p.m. SLT on Friday, June 5 at Medici University Gallery of Art. The show will feature the works of Elle Thorkveld, FeelsEmpty, OfficialMichaelGreen and Pearl Grey (moi).

Much of the work is up now if you want to take a peek. The shows have been changing about once a week since the gallery has been up and you’re welcome to check back often. Medici University is located at LEA 23.

You’re welcome to stroll around the rest of the campus as well. Or ride the “Neko Rail” shuttle.  There’s been a lot of collaboration and creativity happening here the last few months. Photography, drawing, creative writing, machinima, 3D sculptures and builds, performance art, field trips, philosophy discussions, events and the sharing of knowledge, techniques and fun. The individual studios and installations are ever changing.

You can read more about Medici University on the website.K and C 2One of my pieces of Glitch Art with minimal alteration.


Thanks to everyone who attended the opening. It was fun. The show runs through June 19th.gg and g 4