Athen Shire_001Some of the 3D art at the Raglan Shire ArtWalk 2015 is located at Athen Shire. Just a few more days and the tenth ArtWalk will be over. About 120 artists have submitted 2D and 3D art this year.  The photo above shows a walk-in installation by Kerupo Flow.Athen Shire_002Unseen Ibis by Corcosman Voom.Athen Shire_003By Corcosman Voom. Most of these pieces can be purchased and some are low land impact.Athen Shire_004By iSkye Silverweb. Of course photos don’t do justice to all the art.Athen Shire_005By Raventuli OhAthen Shire_006By Kerupo Flow.

Thanks to the everyone who’s participated in organizing the ArtWalk and for the residents of Raglan Shire for welcoming all of us to their home for a month.