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cash_001I saw one of Torley’s photos taken at Arkansas State University’s Heritage Island of the boyhood home of Johnny Cash in Dyess Arkansas. It is an amazing place and there’s so much more to the sim but today I’m showing the pictures I took of this home which is as it was in the 1940’s.  cash_004The builder for the sim is Painter Meriman. cash_005The landscaping and foliage is quite accurate for this part of the country. And the virtual buildings are remarkable as you can see from the photos on the Arkansas Heritage Site.cash_006The inside of the home is wonderful. It’s small, as homes were in the days before McMansions. cash_007There are so many details to look at. I have spent hours there and have been taking people with me who find it fascinating as well.cash_008This is the first build I’ve seen at ASU Heritage Island. I wonder what I’ve missed in my three and a half years of Second Life.cash_009I have three more posts with lots of pictures. But really, you should go and see it for yourself.cash_010Two of my favorite things are the floor coverings and the painting over the couch.cash_011

From the destination guide: “Joanne Cash provided detailed drawings of the interior layout of the home which enabled a faithful recreations of the residence as it was in 1940’s”  cash_012Wouldn’t it be great if the press would take note of this sort of thing in Second Life.