Here are a few random photos I snapped Saturday night. I have a place near the Hooper Bridge in Montara. Lately I’ve been working on collaborative and creative projects and that sometimes involves some idle time in SL while I’m waiting for someone to get back to me.


It clears my mind to either ride a pod (they go in both direction on the water in front of my lighthouse) or to walk the road.

no way to treat a virtual flag

no way to treat a virtual flag

There were a lot of vehicles on the road Saturday.

saturday_010They were struggling but had arrived recently enough that there weren’t piles of them in one place yet.saturday_011

I don’t own any of the parcels I live on and maybe that’s why these vehicles don’t bother me.

carriage on the Hooper Bridge on Sansara

carriage on the Hooper Bridge on Sansara

I know they disturb many landowners though. I’ve read some controversial threads about this subject.saturday_013

I don’t often do posts like this but variety and inclusiveness is good.saturday_014

And this is a part of my Second Life.