Raglan Shire is having the tenth ArtWalk art festival, running through May. The photo above shows the start of one of the two 2D art sims. There’s an information kiosk; out of view to the left of the photo is the hedgiepillar rezzer which seats a group of people and gives a thorough tour of the 2D art areas.rs_003In the center of the above photo, a hedgiepillar is making it’s winding way through the hedges filled with drawings, paintings, real and virtual photography. This year there are about 150 artists participating.rs_004Raglan Shire is a community of tinies. They are friendly and excellent hosts to this art festival. Everyone is welcome. There are music events and dances scheduled for this month. The tinies love to dance.rs_005The art is available for purchase and at reasonable prices.  There’s a wide variety of styles.rs_006One of the things I like best about the ArtWalk is that everyone is welcome to submit art. There are well known SL artists who have pieces here and also first time exhibitors and new artists. rs_007I’ll have posts of many of the 3D art in the sculpture areas too. rs_009But the photos are kind of a scrapbook for me. They don’t do justice to sense of community, play and creativity from diverse sources.