pom_001Here are the rest of my photos from my visit to Pillars of Mist. I posted pictures of the mansion a little over a week ago and linked to their website.  pom_003After the welcome area, I found myself near the area shown in the first photo. There’s a harbor and docks; I moved on into the town area.pom_004There’s a bar in the lower level of the hotel. Grid construction was still going on while I was there.pom_005The hotel rooms were unoccupied so I checked them out. pom_007The library was set up.pom_009A small park in the town square. pom_011The police station. pom_012There’s just about every business you might expect to find in a town. pom_013A restaurant.

The website lists mystery events, roleplay friendly, dance parties, treasure hunts and building contests as some of the attractions.