ravenshold 5One of my favorite experiences of Fantasy Faire this year so far was visiting Ravenshold ~ The Lost Land Hunt. I didn’t participate; instead I tromped around in civilian clothes snapping these pictures.ravenshold 1From the land description: “Running April 23 – May 3 in conjunction with the 2015 Fantasy Faire. Written by Saffia Widdershins. Sim Design by Rynn Verwood. Scripting by Encaitaron Korobase. Produced and directed by Aisling Sinclair.”ravenshold 2It was difficult for me to find information about this hunt; I was likely looking in the wrong place. Here’s a post about it on the Seraphim blog.ravenshold 3It mentions a Hud with an optional costume purchase. I would guess some attracted to this might already have a costume. While I was there, no one else was dressed out of character.ravenshold 6Besides shopping and looking at amazing creations, the Faire has many scheduled events and activities.ravenshold 4So much to do and so little time.