end of the world_002Quite a different look after the beauty of the Fantasy Faire photos yesterday. I’ve made several visits, taking new-to-SL avatars, to The End of the World as We Know It.end of the world_003Located in Oyster Bay, The End of the World as We Know It is actually a showcase for LICK Sim Designs. It’s an immersive environment and you won’t see evidence that items are for sale. There’s information available at the location regarding inquiries about purchasing items for your disaster ridden sim.end of the world_006Some of the dogs are wounded which is sad but adds to the realism. It’s a wonderful place for photography.end of the world_007There are meteor showers. My favorite is the rain and rough water near the landing. There’s no flying allowed so you have to do some jumping in places to get around.end of the world_008I used the region setting for these photos and lightened the exposure to show up in this post. I was still able to use the Lab viewer then. I’ve had terrible trouble with it the last few days and am awkwardly using the Firestorm viewer now.end of the world_011There are lots of interesting views to explore and it was great to come across an Arcadia Asylum slum building in use. One of my new friends was quite amazed by it. end of the world_017I’m looking forward to seeing more of this water in builds.