soft rains 3There been a ‘”sim restart”at embryo where un Jour…There Will Come Soft Rains is located. I believe it’s the first time I’ve been and was prompted to go by a photograph I’d seen. soft rains 1You arrive on a small dock surrounded by water. There’s something to be seen when you walk in all directions.soft rains 2It turns out there are a few items for sale, mostly Japanese, in a very unobtrusive way. The sim is enchanting and I like the water and the birds.soft rains 4I visited the tiny little house. soft rains 5It has a sweet little room with lots of details to look at.soft rains 6Off in the other direction from the dock, among some trees is a house with some Japanese things for sale and more interesting things to look at.soft rains 9I found it to be a gentle and refreshing place to hang out and do some work.