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cafe jack_001A cafe on the mainland, from the land description: “CAFE JACK, Valdora & Adam Grayson proprietors — Historical cafe in the Grignano region of Nova Albion on the Mainland. Restored by Salazar Jack in 2004.”cafe jack_004There are three entrances to the ground floor. Tiny chairs and tables are in the windows and there’s comfortable seating for others as well. There’s a scrapbook and also the log book of an expedition. When you cam in, the logbook can be read.cafe jack_002This is the back entrance to Cafe Jack. There are spring flowers and gardening equipment out.cafe jack_003To the left, off of the kitchen are stairs. You can also reach the upper level via stairs in front of the building.cafe jack_005The upper level has tea service, sewing equipment, bookshelves, a desk with writing equipment and a dark room off to the left. cafe jack_006There’s a comfortable hangout area in the front of the room.

I’ve stopped in a couple of times now and saw there had been a fair amount of traffic. Maybe they have events, although I didn’t see a group joiner or any events listed. It’s a great area to walk around in for anyone wanting to explore an historical area that still has avatars about, at least at the times that I’ve been there.